Blonstein Creative Production

The Brief

Blonstein is a creative production agency, specialising in high profile events for the fashion industry. Their website was an immersive experience reliant on Adobe Flash. With the industry and customers moving to mobile platforms, Blonstein asked us to help design and develop a mobile-ready version of their site.

Our Solution

Our designer worked closely with Blonstein’s creative team to come up with a simple responsive mobile website based on HTML5 with minimal Javascript or other technical requirements. We used some innovative font-rendering techniques to combine fashion images with brand and project names.

The site was developed in a time frame of a couple of weeks and after a few tweaks went live to much acclaim. Blonstein’s fantastic fashion imagery and their extensive events expertise were finally available on a mobile platform.

blonstein 1

Project Highlights

This project was notable for it’s collaborative nature. Our designer and developer worked closely with Blonstein’s creative team, via a series of interactive prototypes and technical experiments.

It was challenging to produce a fast loading mobile experience with vibrant fashion images – traditionally a high-bandwidth area.

We introduced some new Javascript technology to produce a unique typographical layout across different mobile device screens.

blonstein 2

Services Provided

  • Design and interactive prototyping
  • image editing
  • responsive mobile-ready HTML5 and Javascript coding

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